Miami Delta (Harvard GSD, 2016)

The City of Miami stands at the nexus of the United States and Latin America. The site of transplants from one continent to another – economic, social, political – Miami also forbears the coming sea level rise that threatens all coastal agglomerations. Into this city of artificial constructs and continental tensions enters this particular mixed use building – a vessel that collects programs hitherto bound within the generic interiority of the Miami mixed use and sets them into an iconic form confronting the city from its bay. Comprising a financial exchange, child immigrant facility, and a plastic surgery clinic, the building collages Miami‘s economic centrality, its celebration of the body perfect, and its burgeoning role as the gateway of illegal immigration into a tense architectural confrontation. Adopting an nautical form befitting its immediate context, the building utilizes geometric juxtapositions to craft two major public sequences – one interior and the other exterior – that weave their way through the three major programmatic blocks. A variety of ‘mixing’ strategies segregate and combine these disparate spaces, each highly specific to its designated use and climatically distinct in their fenestration design.

4-blacony 3-garden 1-drum 3-garden 2-trading

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